The core client for building on the Ubiq network, available in binaries for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

Check out the GitHub page dedicated to the Go-Ubiq project for more information.



MetaMask’s sibling application designed to serve the Ubiq ecosystem, SPARROW allows easy interaction with smart contracts and dApps on the network, including the layer-two governance system ESCHER.

Chrome Store Extension

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Designed to work in conjunction with Sparrow for increased security and functionality, TWINE is a well-audited and tested multisig application standard for shared accounts and multi-user services.



The Fusion desktop wallet includes all the functionality required for writing and deploying contracts and tokens on the Ubiq network, wrapped together within an intuitive GUI.

Available here for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

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Ubiq API

An API for fetching Ubiq network information related to addresses, balances, blocks and current market prices.

Details on the Ubiqexplorer page here.



The Ubqminer mainnet first release, forked from Ethminer to support the new Ubqhash algo switch beginning at block 660,000.

AMD/Nvidia GPU compatible.

Available for Linux and Windows here.