Join the Ubiq Community!

The Ubiq community is an open and friendly group of like-minded individuals, anonymous and doxxed alike, all passionate about decentralization and the future of crypto. Hang out in the Ubiq discord to chat directly to community members, or follow the Ubiq Report blog on Medium for updates and news.

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The Ubiq Discord server has over 4,000 members. Join using the below link, choose a profile pic, and ask to get verified in the #guests channel.

The Ubiq report

For direct news, updates, and detailed blog posts from the dev team and community, subscribe to the Ubiq Report on Medium. News updates are posted monthly, and a detailed QUARTERLY REPORT outlines everything that has happened over three-month periods.

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Follow the official Ubiq twitter account on the handle @ubiqsmart and the community twitter account @CryptoUbiq. Disclaimer: Be sure to check all airdrops and giveaways in the Ubiq Discord.

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official ann page

For more details about how the Ubiq network was launched, including foreign language translations, check out the Ubiq ANN thread on the BitcoinTalk forum.

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Subscribe to the Ubiq community subreddit to see community posts and discuss upcoming events.

One of the key founding principles of Ubiq is decentralization, and the Ubiq community site is an excellent example of this. Funded and maintained entirely by the community in a collaborative process, this site is just one part of an ethos that empowers us to spread our core message.
I am proud to be part of this thriving community.
— Community Manager Kris Lester
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