There are a number of exchanges that list UBQ and its ERC20 tokens for trading. When using these exchanges to purchase and move tokens, always be sure to maintain good security habits, such as enabling two-factor authentication and using strong passwords.

Disclaimer: The Ubiq community is not responsible for the content of third party sites. Always check security certificates (SSL) before disclosing sensitive information.

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The first exchange to list UBQ. Based in the United States, Bittrex is one of the leading crypto services when it comes to regulatory compliance, security, and international support.

Also lists the tokens GEO, QWARK, and SPHR.

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An exchange based in New Zealand, Cryptopia makes use of the Ubiq blockchain for hosting its exchange utility tokens.

Cryptopia lists UBQ, GEO, QWARK, SPHR, DOT, RICKS, CEFS, and APX.

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The fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange in Canada. Einstein has a partnership with the Ubiq network, using the blockchain to track its internal company shares. The site allows trading in USD and CAD.

The UBQ token is listed on Einstein.

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One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, Upbit extends many of the markets available on Bittrex to a Korean customer base.

The UBQ token is listed on Upbit.

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upbit singapore

Upbit Singapore allows local users in Singapore to trade all of the cryptocurrencies integrated by partner exchange Bittrex with 24/7 real-time security monitoring and firewall system for enhanced security.

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erc20 exchange

A decentralized exchange that has launched dedicated markets for UBQ and ETH tokens. ERC20 Exchange has also created a crypto game built on the Ubiq blockchain called ‘Such Moon’.

Also lists the tokens GEO, QWARK, APX, DOT, RICKS, CEFS, CAULI and ESCH.

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A European exchange based in the Netherlands that allows direct crypto purchases in EUR. Has a userbase of over 600,000 and growing.

The UBQ token is listed on Litebit.

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A new Canadian exchange still in beta, Catalx will support markets for the UBQ token along with a number of other select assets that pass compliance audits.

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A P2P decentralized exchange network, Bisq supports markets for UBQ and Ubiq tokens. All transactions happen on-chain, meaning that under current market conditions trading volume is typically lower than on centralized exchanges.

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A new exchange platform with over 100 cryptocurrency markets, including support for UBQ tokens.

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A cryptocurrency converter site capable of quickly converting from one crypto to another, as well as enabling direct purchases by Visa and Mastercard. Coinswitch effectively works as an exchange marketplace, comparing prices across different sites and then facilitating conversions at the best rates. The UBQ token is listed.

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Another crypto converter site that exchanges instantly without order books. Allows purchases to take place without registering an account. The UBQ token is listed on

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A Latin-America based exchange that has a partnership with Bittrex, Cryptofacil will extend Bittrex markets and trading technology to new customer-bases using local operations and compliance expertise.

Cryptofacil lists the UBQ, GEO and QWARK tokens.