Community Projects


giving back

Cryptanthropy is a Canada-based charity project founded and run by longstanding community member Aaron. Motivated by the guiding principle of “Random Acts of Kindness”, the project has raised over $4,000 for charitable causes, with most of the funds being donated in Bitcoin and UBQ.

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Check out the site here, and be sure to donate if you can.


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raspberry pi ubiq nodes

Ubiq community member Matt has written a comprehensive guide on how to make relatively inexpensive single-board Ubiq nodes to help support the network.

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Give the full guide a read here.


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The ubiq art project

Community artist TunaChum has been hard at work creating cryptocurrency-themed designs and characters in his unique artistic style. Sometimes dark, sometimes elegant, always hilarious, his creations seem to glimpse into an eerie alternate universe where gnomes, giants and extraterrestrials tinker menacingly with obscure intentions, and UBQ… for some reason.



such moon blockchain game

An experimental blockchain-game assembled by the minds at ERC20 Exchange, the objective of ‘Such Moon’ is to launch a rocket to the moon by crafting and upgrading in-game items. Launched on the UBQ chain as a ‘nice sandbox’, with Sparrow as a supporting application, Such Moon has its own dedicated Moon token that allows players to get started.

coin grader

Now on version 11.4, the Coin Grader is an ongoing project still in development to eventually create an app capable of crunching data from the cryptocurrency markets, pursuing the vision of maintaining ‘a constant vigil of the market’.

Check out the site here.

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The Ubiq Augmentum Incubator Program is an initiative set up to provide financial and technical support for projects that seek to swap over to or build on the Ubiq platform.

See here for more details.

community logo submissions

As part of the next wave of network tools and second-layer infrastructure being built on the Ubiq platform, the community has been crowdsourced to submit logo designs for representing Ubiq’s native applications. These designs will be voted on in future rounds of governance polling to select final winners. Currently, two logos are being sought: one for TWINE and one for ESCH.

Check out the logo submission gallery here and the ESCH competition announcement here.