An archive of Ubiq Research articles, exploring innovations, trends, and technical developments in the blockchain space.


Flux difficulty algorithm

This edition of Ubiq Research focuses on the Flux Difficulty Algorithm, an integral part of Ubiq’s PoW infrastructure securing the chain and all of its tokens. Flux was a unique innovation deployed by the Ubiq Development Team for difficulty retargeting, ensuring that the chain stays as smooth as possible.

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mining ecosystem

A detailed overview of the Ubiq mining ecosystem, including details on the unique Ubqhash algorithm, Flux difficulty adjustments, DAG size growth relative to Ethereum, and mining rewards.


monetary policy

A deep-dive analysis of Ubiq’s monetary policy, including charts and data to project how the supply of UBQ will inflate over the coming years.

Written by Community Manager Kris Lester.

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whiteblock performance analysis

Whiteblock Inc. performed extensive benchmarking and stress-testing of the Ubiq network to measure its performance in relation to Ethereum. The results of the study demonstrated a 90% lower uncle rate and higher transactional throughput.