Tokens on the Ubiq Platform

As a permissionless EVM-based platform, any enterprise is able to securely issue tokens on the Ubiq blockchain. Some of the prominent ERC20 tokens that currently use the platform are listed below.



The GEO token is based around an innovative geocaching and geolocation project that uses Proof of Location (PoL) to track physical GEO coins in the real world. Geo swapped to the Ubiq network in 2018.

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An exchange utility token for This is used to access features and services on the exchange website, such as promotions.

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A payment processing project that links cryptocurrencies with debit cards for easy and direct transfers. The QWARK token facilitates services using the Infinitum Pay system.



“Cryptopia Fee Shares” - another token deployed by the Cryptopia exchange, CEFS was initiated with the use-case of tracking transferable shares for the site.

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The SPHR project is focused on blockchain Information Security (InfoSec) and keeping users safe. It announced its intention to swap to the Ubiq chain after the Ubqhash hardfork in Nov 2018.

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The RICKS token is a powerful and mysterious entity of enormous utility. Nobody is sure of its true nature, or sure that they want to find out.

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Issued in preparation for the Veggie Dream Camp festival taking place in Portugal in 2019, the Cauli token will be redeemable for vegan food and events in order to promote healthy, sustainable food sources.

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A game token with an upcoming presale only available in payments of 10grans. The SNARG01 project is shaping up to be a light-hearted satire of the token economy.

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The elusive ‘BEER’ token has kept a low-key presence on the network for some time. Anyone in possession of a BEER token is entitled to claim a beer, in person, from a member of the Ubiq core team.

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APX Ventures is a mining rental and cryptoasset consultation business that launched the first ICO on the Ubiq platform in May 2017.

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10grans is the FUN way to tell your friends “That’s GRANS!”
Don’t delay. Get yours today.
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Have a grans old time.



Escher is a governance protocol token on the Ubiq network designed for a number of functions, such as community voting on UIP’s. It is distributed to accounts holding UBQ balances via airdrop.

To see active and past UIP’s and airdrops, visit the Ubiq governance interface.